Tina Atchley

Whisper Don’t Shout

Nourishment. A lovely sounding word that makes us feel supported, cared for, maybe even satisfied. Nourishment implies a certain gentleness. Let’s take a moment to recognize where we are nourishing ourselves in some way. And maybe when we remind ourselves of what we are already doing, we may find the space to do a little more nourishing in gentle, encouraging ways rather than rigid, forceful ways.

When we nourish ourselves we say “I am doing ok. I support you dear body that is always working for me. I support you dear brain that is moving me forward day after day. I support you precious soul for always being here, never leaving my side.”

It all may sound like puff and fluff, but it truly matters. Your body, your mind, your soul responds to whatever you keep doing and telling yourself. You get what you think. So how about thinking: I support you body, thank you for giving me this symptom so I can see where I am not nourishing myself. Tell yourself yes I can take just two minutes and sit with this herbal cup of tea. Yes I can take 6 minutes and play one card game with my child before I start dinner.

Let’s start listening when the body is whispering- a little weight gain, a rash, poor digestion, frequent headaches so that the body doesn’t have to shout-cancer, diabetes, heart disease.

It matters. The everyday, little ways you find to nourish yourself have a big impact on your wellbeing. So go forth and nourish.