Tina Atchley

Harness the Energy Flow

Harness the Energy Flow

Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy used to balance the flow of energy in a space.  When this flow is ideal, it can enhance all aspects of one’s life. You don’t have to be an emperor or celebrity to use feng shui to increase wealth, improve relationships, and experience greater health and happiness.

By understanding the energy map of your home, known as the Bagua, you can create an environment that enhances your relationships, health, financial prosperity and spirituality. The goal is to be in alignment with the natural flow of energy. I help you understand how this energy flows in your home. I guide you in allowing your home to be a positive representation of you and what you want in your life.

I utilize the Diamond School of Feng Shui. I believe it provides the most accessible system for the Western world. It is a combination of landscape, compass, general space and time feng shui. I will look at all of these areas to help your home create a more harmonious energy to support you and your family.

Residential or Business Consultation

Comprehensive analysis of your space includes:

  • Review and recommendations for each room in your space.
  • Written summary of recommendations, including a bagua map of your floor plan.
  • Analysis of the flying stars applicable to your space.
  • Summary of best personal directions for each person in the home/office and guidelines on how to use them.
  • Follow-up: I will answer additional questions and ensure you have successfully implemented the recommendations through email support and one follow-up phone/video call.

Annual Update for Flying Stars

Each year certain energies shift around the time of the Chinese New Year in February. It is important to update the previous year’s items to reflect the new energy. I provide a comprehensive report and either an in-person or phone consultation to ensure your home is in alignment with the current energy.

Real Estate Services


I help property owners and real estate agents incorporate feng shui principles for faster property sales.


It is imperative when choosing a new home to ensure that it will support you and your family. Too often people choose a home that creates more tension, health issues and financial concerns. I analyze the property in accordance with your family’s energy chart and can help you choose a home that will support all of you.