Tina Atchley

A Few Statements from Tina's Happy Clients!

I receive compliments daily about the beautiful space. I am ecstatic. It looks so warm and inviting. The contractor even said he really likes the colors and style we chose for everything!

- G.F.
Denver, CO

Your support and positivity are first class! I really appreciate your generosity and wisdom. Everything is falling into place and I feel so much better.


Just wanted to say thank you so much for your teaching and compassion!  I believe that successful people and businesses are the ones that over deliver, and you definitely over delivered!


Thank you for spreading your magic! You’re so kind and incredibly thoughtful. Thank you for sharing your incredible gifts of knowledge and good vibes.


Thanks so much for all your amazing help!!! I feel more energy & mental clarity, along with creativity.  I actually feel like doing things instead of being lethargic.  My arm & shoulder pain are dramatically reduced.  I noticed a very significant reduction in inflammation.  And sleep is so much better. Thank you!

-S. S.

I started working with Tina after a diagnosis of breast cancer.
At the time, I was eating processed food and not following any type of plan for a healthier life.
Tina started to slowly introduce me to a healthier way of living. As time went on and we continued to work together, she encouraged me to work harder to make more changes not only in what I was consuming from a food stand point but also other ways we put things into our bodies, such as the products we use.
Over time, I got onto a pretty solid plan created by Tina to help keep me healthy and active.
Tina is also an expert in Feng Shui and energy work. She helped me create an environment that brings light, health and happiness into my home.
If you want to look better and feel better, Tina is the person to take you on the journey of changing your lifestyle!!
She helped me create an environment that brings light, health and happiness into my home. I actually met someone and fell in love!!


I began working with Tina after experiencing many months of unbearable menopause symptoms. In just over four months, my blood labs are improving and I am symptom-free! No hot flashes, no fatigue, and no foggy brain. Her plan was simple and easy to follow. Thank you Tina for helping me to change my bad habits and improve my overall health!

Las Vegas

Tina made a difference in our home that everyone noticed.  We all feel better and calmer.  There is less stress and I no longer worry about surprise visitors showing up.  The house looks and feels great.  


I am feeling better and stronger than I have in a long time. I have more energy too. Tina is great to work with. Seeing the changes and knowing that I can look and feel better keeps me motivated.

-S. S.

I regularly consult with Tina on so many aspects of my life! Her wealth of knowledge ranges from nutrition to lifestyle to parenting, alternative modalities and much more. She does not railroad you with her opinions and knowledge but gently nudges and ask questions to help you coach your self. You too will benefit from having Tina in your court. She has been so committed to helping me with health issues and has been an invaluable resource.