Tina Atchley

I help you incorporate healing habits step by step so that you can build a strong foundation for wellness.

 A comprehensive approach addressing your entire being is necessary to achieve optimal results. My initial goal is to help you identify what is working and what is not in achieving your best health.

I believe we can protect ourselves from disease by lowering the burden on our bodies. I believe that you can overcome chronic disease. I believe you can live a healthy, pain-free life. For those that are frustrated, confused and in pain, there is a way out.


Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment


During our consultation, I review your health history, your symptoms and concerns, recent bloodwork and develop a nutritional protocol along with supplement recommendations. I will also assess other lifestyle factors such as sleep, exercise and environmental toxins. This typically takes about 1.5 hours, and includes my preliminary time to develop a protocol prior to the first meeting so that you leave with tools and information to help you immediately.  I use Zoom for my non-local clients. I work with all genders and ages—anyone wanting a better quality of life and seeking to overcome or prevent illness.

Single Follow-Up Sessions

Ask questions, refine your protocol, address changes

Ideal for quarterly, semi-annual or annual check-ins to ensure you are on track with your long-term goals and maintaining your health habits

Includes email and text support

5 Session Package


Includes initial consultation and four follow-up sessions to further refine your protocol, answer questions and continue education.  Each session I teach you about various wellness topics, and we work on specific aspects of your health.  I provide email and text support in between sessions.  This enables you to truly transform your health and find your way back to wellness.

Our  work is a partnership.  I will educate you, I will provide effective resources and programs, I will reassure and encourage you. Your role is to commit to yourself, determine to make the changes and allow yourself a real chance to be well.