Tina Atchley

2021 Year of the Metal Ox

The Chinese New year begins February 12, 2021.  The metal ox signifies a year of stability and determination.  Oxen are hardworkers and with a little discipline we can ensure more harmony in our lives. Independence, strength and stubbornness characterize the ox.  So attention to FLEXIBILITY will be necessary.   This is also a year of awakening with people seeking spirituality and TRUTH.

Romance: A good year overall.  Remember to be tender!

Career/Finance-A focus on savings. Rapid developments in technology.

Health-Overall a much better year than 2020.  Still some work to do but things will improve greatly. 

What to do? 

  • This is the time to gather your wind chimes and crystals/gemstones and cleanse them.  
  • Use a little water with lavender essential oil and/or sea salt.  Gently wash the crystals and set them out in the sun for 3-5 hours.  
  • Wash the wind chimes including inside the metal rods where they have collected the previous year’s density.  Let them dry, you can set them in a bathtub or hang in a shower until it is time to place them again.  
  • Gather any other items you placed as cures/activations for the previous year and wash them with the lavender/sea salt water.
  • Clean your fountains-remove any stones, empty the water, and use an old brush to scrub the inside of the fountain and any parts.

Leave at least 48 hours between removing the previous year’s items and placing them in the appropriate directions for the current year.  For my current clients, this is part of our annual review and I will guide you in your placements. Take advantage of this ancient knowledge and allow your home and family to be supported by aligning with the 2021 energy of the metal ox.