Tina Atchley

Happy Chinese New Year

2023 Year of the Water Rabbit

2023 ushers in the year of the water rabbit which brings a more playful energy to the world. This year will be characterized by eagerness, healing -with a focus on healthy eating and fitness, fertility, and letting go rather than holding onto things.  Think of the rabbits-energetic and playful, they move on quickly and love their greens!  Additionally, if you have been contemplating a big change, such as a move or career change, this is the year for it.

Romance: The rabbit is considered a symbol of romance so focus on ways to be romantic.

Career/Finance-A wonderful year for artists and new changes in anyone’s career.

Health-A great year for fertility.  This is THE year to give attention to self-care.  Make green foods and juices, being in nature, and getting physical activity a PRIORITY this year.

Take advantage of the energy of this year and really get going with your health goals and find simple ways to play!